Who We Are

VecTech, LLC is a technology social enterprise based in Baltimore, MD. We believe public health systems throughout the world should have access to the data they need to make decisions that prevent disease outbreaks and save lives. Our team of engineers, computer scientists, and public health professionals are developing new tools built with our proprietary software systems to transform the current vector surveillance practice. As a social enterprise, VecTech is committed to reinvesting the majority of our profits to achieve this mission and support health systems in the low- and middle- income countries facing the largest burden of mosquito disease. 

 VecTech is a spin out from the VectorWEB project, a grant awardee for USAID’s Grand Challenges for Development: Combating Zika and Future Threats.

Successful innovation stems from a true understanding of the problem at hand. To this end, our team has spent over 1,500 hours in the past three years listening to and observing a range of actors in mosquito surveillance and control- from the CDC's Technical Program Lead for mosquito control in Puerto Rico, to the General manager of Fairfax County Mosquito Abatement, to public health workers in Recife, Brazil.

These visits and interviews are pivotal to the innovation cycle and directly inform

the way we design products, and the problems we chose to solve.


Our Philosophy

The VecTech Team

Adam Goodwin, MSE


Sanket Padmanabhan

Software Architect

Tristan Ford, MSE


Margaret Glancey, MSPH


1812 Ashland Ave, Suite 100

Baltimore, MD 21205

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